30 years in the making

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Over the past 3 decades, Dr. Scott Yamaoka D.M.D, FRCD (C), has quietly developed from a young perio graduate at the UT Health Science Center, into one of the most respected periodontists in Canada. He has placed over 10,000 implants to date, and done 95% of his implant surgeries guided for the last 12 years.
Through it all, the driving force has been a pursuit of perfection and process optimization. It was this drive that lead Dr. Yamaoka to be an early adopter of computer guided surgery, and recently, together with his son Zach, a former Dyson Engineer, develop an award winning face shield used by clinicians around the world. Now it has lead us to another field: Implants.
By combining advancements in low latency streaming software, a planning protocol based on Dr. Yamaoka's know-how and the help of some digitally savy dentists, we created a service that allowed Dr. Yamaoka to save hours a week and get more done. It works so well, we now want to make it available for everyone.
Following the D.future planning protocol, your planner puts the hard-won learnings from 30 years of surgery, the best scientific research, and the care we would give to our own patients, into every implant we plan for you.
We are situated today thanks to the standing shoulders of giants: Istvan Urban, Tomas Linkevičius, John Kois, Dr. Neil Basaraba & Dr. Ken Neuman, to name a few.
We invite you to stand on ours, and take your dentistry to the next level,
  • Dr. Scott Yamaoka, DDS, MS, FRCD(c)

    ‣ Board Certified Periodontist

    ‣ Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology

    Vancouver Office 
  • Zach Yamaoka, BEng

    ‣ Former Dyson Engineer

    ‣ Award Winning Medical Product Designer

    Past Products 
  • Natan Granetto, BDS

    ‣ General Dentist

    ‣ 3Shape Software Trainer

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